Is it wrong that I don’t want to do much in life?

My mom, sister, aunt, and other family members wants me to go to college to study a field of whatever I’m interested in and get a job with it. And they keep telling me they want me to make a lot of money and have a family and etc... as the usual goes.

And some of my old classmates and friends post stuff online like on instagram getting into relationships, having families, traveling the world and high paying jobs. But I don’t want any of that.

All I want to do is get a regular job at a retail store or something and work for a paycheck, get a house and it have to worry about much. I’m not really interested in becoming rich. Because I don’t think what people do really matters in life.

Because look at this (average human life expectancy is 70-80). And right now I’m 22 ( so this is how I look at it). I lived for 20 years; and that went by fast for me. 20 years 2 more times I will be 60 and 3 more times I will be 80, if I ever live that long. That means soon I will be old and start my dying process of the issues I have now don’t kill me before I get up in age.

so that’s how I view life, and I don’t get why people are pressuring me.
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Is it wrong that I don’t want to do much in life?
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