Has anyone ever dealt with toxic friends before?

I have.
I've dealt with that with an old friend before I blocked her 6 months ago. She became very toxic with me for a couple years. She only cared about herself and stopped caring about how I feel, she always took everything I say the wrong way, always tried to make me feel guilty, very demanding in a bad way, manipulated me, never listened anymore, and was always very noisy about everything. I felt we were drifting away for a while but again she didn't care, she only wanted me for attention then a friend. Eventually it got to a point where I started having anxiety and panic attacks because of her toxicity and I had to block her on every social media and cut her out of my life. I had to because she wasn't being a good friend anymore and all she did was give me anxiety. After blocking her, I don't have anxiety anymore and now I can talk my other friends easily without her being up in my business and without demanding me to call or text her when I'm busy all for attention. I was able to focus on getting my drivers license (which I achieved 3 weeks ago and now have to buy a car) and I can focus on my love life, my job and my social life better now😊. Has anyone else experienced having a toxic friend before? Am I the only one who has?
Has anyone ever dealt with toxic friends before?
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