Should I NOT be Feeling weirded out by This?

***My fiance's Mum celebrated her Birthday last week. I had sent a box of Goodies on Easter, One of the Gifts being a lovely Blue Sapphire Leaf necklace which she wore on her birthday. I am planning on sending a Big box out for her and my fiance soon. Do to Covid, I had Not been sending but I will Combine His birthday and Hers and so forth in this Fed X box. Today, He pointed out a Homestead card his EX sent to Mum. Hers and MUM's favorite Flower, A Poppy. I felt left out as I am gathering it was just this way of The Ex showing me up (So I always think now) and it Made Me feel bad when he had Mentioned it was Hers and Mum's Favorite Flower. Was I acting Childish? We are in a Dispute now over it. xx
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Should I NOT be Feeling weirded out by This?
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