Do you think once someone dies, they still watch over us?

I don't want to come off as a freak but there are two events that happened to me and a couple of my family members think my late father's presence was involved in it. I lost him shortly after my 9th b-day. He died of cancer.

Event 1:
Two years ago, I woke up to a loud crack on my window. For some reason something seemed weird and I started feeling dizzy and somewhat nause. I decided to inspect the house and sure enough, there was a gas leakage. A bit more time and it would've been fatal.

Event 2:
I always visit his grave on both Father's Day and his b-day (April 30). I couldn't due to this current pandemic and thought about how disappointed he would be.
Then last month, I was very cold as I tucked myself into bed, shivering. It was a cold weather. I fell asleep and actually dreamed of him. It was a very brief dream where I saw him in a standing position (looking exactly like I remembered him when he was healthy), he was smiling and disappeared. I woke up and strangely felt warm and different, as if relaxed and at ease.
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Do you believe/think our loved ones gives us signs or watch over us even after death?
Do you think once someone dies, they still watch over us?
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