Guys, Was I in the wrong for telling off my coworker?

So the story tells it all. I (20M), told off my coworker (52F) for being passive aggressive and spiteful to me and my friend (35M). My work friend who we'll call "Tom" is a great guy. He and I were sharing an inside joke. Then our spiteful coworker who we'll call Veronica started making passive aggressive comments about me, which I couldn't care less about. But she turned her scope on Tom mocking his height, and a few other things that Tom is insecure about. At that moment, I told her to stfu, that no one was talking to her and to stay out of other people's business/conversations.

I also implied that if she doesn't have anything insightful to share that she should just leave me and my friends alone. And that we don't want her sh*t. Veronica proceeded to call me a disrespectful kid. Though, I'll admit sometimes I can be quite frosty. However, it is never without reason. Generally, my peers and friends consider me easy to get along with. I give back what people give to me. If you act like a prick, I can be one right back. But if you're nice to me and don't give me too many problems we can pretty much become friends. Now management is getting on my case.

Any thoughts?
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Guys, Was I in the wrong for telling off my coworker?
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