I wanna know from any sister's here, do you think I should or not?

My sister is 18 mos older. We don't get along great, we're competitive about a lot. A few nights ago, I was upstairs and we were about 2 feet apart talking when she goes, "hmm, I'm taller than u are little bro." I was like, "NO ur NOT Sheryl!😒" She measures across, her forehead to mine and goes, "yep. I'm 5"7. See? Taller than u.😉" I said ," No ur NOT!" She goes, "let's go downstairs and ask dad then.😏" So we did. We made a $20 bet on it. He had us stand back to back. When our tushes touched I kinda gasped, "ohhh!!😕😕" cuz my tush was WAY lower than hers! Her long legs made a huge difference😩! I mean, mine was at LEAST 2 inches lower😤, maybe more! She smirked and goes, "wanna give up?😊" I said "ugh! No!" So when our heads touched back, mine was WAY lower! I was mad as hell and really worried!😭😭 Dad goes, "well, it looks about even, but I've got a winner! It looks like... Sheryl is taller! She asked if he's sure and he goes yep! She goes "😜😜😜told ya!" I yelled, "let's try it on the wall, just to be sure!😤" She said ok. I had a plan. I went first. I arched my feet when they weren't looking and they didn't notice! He marked my spot on the wall. Then she went. He marked her. He then goes..."OHHH, HE IS taller than u are Sheryl🤔" She yelled, "NOOOOO!😧" I was like..." Hmph.🙄🙄gimme my money. I told u.😒" She gave it to me. Now I'm honestly worried. She IS taller than me, UGGH. By probably 3 inches... smh. Yeah she's 5'7... I just can't beat her!😭😭😭Should I go up to her, tell her any of the truth and give it back before she finds out? I just thought I could finally beat her and I can't and I hated that😫.
No. Keep it and hope she doesn't find out.
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Go up to her, tell her she's probably taller than a lot of guy, but don't give her the money
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Go up to her, admit she IS 5'7, MUCH taller than u, admit the moment u knew and how worried u were. Hand it over and apologize
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I wanna know from any sister's here, do you think I should or not?
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