Should I have told my boyfriend about me and my dad's fight?

Me and my dad don't have the best relationship due to the fact he can't amit when he's wrong..

First big fight we had is when he gave something of mine to my auntie without asking me first. The thing that he gave away that was mine was extremely important to me as it was something a friend who passed away gave me. My mum told him not to give it to his stister yet he did.

I went to her house and took it back. My dad went mental at me and kicked down my door to give her it back because he couldn't tell her to her face but it was mine and hed gave it to her without asking me. Instead he told her i stole it and she obviously knows what my dad's like and instantly knew he stolen it from me.

Today he was meant to be picking up my stister from the train station and he went to the wrong one when id told him were to pick her up. My family showed him on Google maps and everything.

He still went to the wrong train station and told us all we told him wrong and verbally abused us over the phone. He refused to pick up my stister from the right train station. Leaving her in the middle of a city, in the dark and cold. Me and my family all went out looking for her because no one wanted to be home to get my dad abuse. He even took the wrong keys so he couldn't get in the house when he came back. That was also are fault too.

As soon as we all got through the door he started shouting at us all. Everyone ignored him but when he started shouting at my mum. I lost it. I called him a "stupid twat who goes to the point of making his own family hate him rather than saying sorry i got it wrong".

He chased me upstairs to my room. And kicked the door in making my big toe bleed. He grabbed my wrists and threatened to hit me. My mum told him if he did shed ring the police that was the only thing that made him stop. Once he let go he pushed me and I had red marks all over my wrists.
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I was so scared i took pictures and told my boyfriend everything. Afterwards i said sorry to my mum for making it worse and she cleaned the blood of my feet and told me not to tell anyone what happened and to delete the pictures. I lied and told her i hadn't told anyone.

But he's told us all were all forgiving now after making everyone cry and hurting one of his children
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My boyfriends also has a bad relationship with his dad too, to the point its turned physical. So we can both relate in these situations and understand each others issues like others don't.

I think my dad might be mentally ill, we all do. My mum has even had a 3 hour conversation with him about it but he won't amit it. He thinks the world is against him. He doesn't understand why all 5 of his children hate him. He thinks my mum has brainwashed us. Its not the fact we've witnessed his abuse
Should I have told my boyfriend about me and my dad's fight?
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