A very common question but I really wanna know why is my sister loved my everyone?

I seem like I'm whining but it is always like this whenever I'm with my friends I feel worthless because for them my sister is the best it has always been like this my whole life my sister has always been liked by everyone at first as she has a very clear life choices a straight a student and a perfect daughter and a social butterfly whereas I'm a cheerful person and I'm not afraid of socialising I socialize but everyone's always liked her more than me my parents aren't discriminateful they don't love us unequally but always loved us equally it has always been about social life I have never in my life had a genuine friend who liked my company more than my sister she has always been the perfect girl I try my best to be like my sister but it's still the same she has had a boyfriend, a best friend, friends and has always been the popular loved girl whereas I'm a girl who's friends are obsessed with her sister whenever I spend extra time with my friends they are just there to ask about my sister's boyfriend my sister's life this or that and the next day I feel so fucking hopeless I don't feel like talking to anyone I just snap at anyone especially my sister I have amazing parents but sometimes parents don't make you as comfortable as a friend might do my sister has always attracted all the boys I once told my friends about my crush who was friends with my sister they he's way out of my league and better for my sister than me and this has been happening my whole life all the friends I make it's the same shit it's not that I need new friends all the new friends I have made over my life are obsessed with my sister and I am not sure why is it this way?
A very common question but I really wanna know why is my sister loved my everyone?
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