Does leaving your child behind really make you a bad person?

I got pregnant at 23 with my first child who was taken away about a week after she was born by CPS for mental disorder ( mostly suicidal thoughts). I was already dealing with depression before I had a kid so I can’t even blame post partum but I definitely went through with having a kid believing what everyone claims as far as kids being a blessing and the best thing that’s ever happened to them which ended up not being the case for me.. I had 2 seizures when I was pregnant, had a very crappy baby shower full and found out my baby’s father was cheating on me during the entire pregnancy with someone at his college.

CPS took her to live with her dad in another state ( with his parents mostly) and my family/friends keep trying to get me to fight to get her back.. but in all honesty I don’t want her back...

Am I wrong for not wanting to fight to get or keep my rights to her? I feel like any woman can give birth but not every woman can be a mother and I just really give up.. I’m so detached from her and I think it’s because I literally only had her for a week and she’s 2 now and I haven’t seen or tried to see her ever since she was taken.. I don’t even think about her unless someone brings her up which is rarely because not many people knew I had a daughter.

I guess my main concern is what other people would think about me if they knew I had a kid out there but never bothered to keep up or see her. God forbid I try to date again and get frowned upon because of my desire to not do my part as a “mom”
Does leaving your child behind really make you a bad person?
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