Why do I attract negative friends?

I am married to law enforcement investigator who is the supervisor over investigators. It’s been rough finding friends but for some reason I’m attracting negative friends. These friends basically use his career as a way to intimate me by using bullying tactics on me. I suffer from ptsd, anxiety, and depression. I just had to let another friend go. I been through pain, trauma, and lots of heartache. I never tell people what I’m going through because I am not ready to open up those doors yet. The people that came into my life as a “friend”laughed at me, and mentally emotionally abusing me such as bullying. This last friend I let go called me needy, and etc. I asked her how was she doing everyday but she seemed to wanna know about my situation more than anything. I made sure I did my part in being her friend. She would jumpstart conversations that lead to this question “how your husband doing” or “when is he coming home.” Behind my back she came over to the house to say negative things about me to my husband. People come into my life as if I suppose to live a proof life on social media. I’m very private with my life and don’t want it on social media. People will turn my pain into their little happiness and I got tired of it. I got tired of people asking me for photos of my husband, my life, and asking about my trauma. They never want me to ask them anything about them but always shift this around me like I’m the selfish person. I don’t know why I attract negative people in my life. I’m an empath and this drains me. I’m tired of people wanting me to prove my entire life to them
Why do I attract negative friends?
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