Why would she lie to me about this?

I was running errands with my friend today. I was hesitant about asking her to take me somewhere because she went to a wedding a couple of days ago and we live together.

I did have cancer earlier this year but it was lymphoma and I did radiation and my doctor told me I wasn’t anymore at risk but my parents are still paranoid about it and so am I. I’m in college so I’m around it 24/7.

Anyways today I asked my friend if she wore a mask when she went to the wedding. She told me she did but I've known her for long enough and can tell when she’s lying. Plus she showed me a video of her singing at the wedding and she wasn’t wearing a mask and it didn’t look like anyone else did. I was partially just waiting for her to own up and tell me the truth.

I’m not trying to be dramatic but I’m pretty sure she was lying but I just took her word for it and trusted her and didn’t wear a mask in the car with her or anything.

She knows about my weakened immune system. What should I do?
Why would she lie to me about this?
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