What are the easiest coping techniques to keep me from drinking?

Vent sesh. I have 3 kids. My two oldest are actually well behaved, with the exception of my middle child saying "I hate you" to her brother's every 5 seconds. I homeschool and I hate it. I've never felt so stupid. My 4yo is a hand full. He never stops. So co-dependent that I literally can't wipe my ass without him asking me to do something for him. Always yelling and wanting to be babied. We dont give in. But ultimately that makes it worse. Basically every parent goes through this, I'm convinced. If they dont, dont tell me because then I will lose my mind further.

I have a boyfriend who works full time, Monday through Friday and on his weekends off, he's gone. Off to band practice every Friday and Sunday night. Saturdays he sleeps all day. So I have no break, no alone time and no intimacy. It's fantastic.

My car shit the bed last week so I can't even run errands now. Had to switch around my work schedule to accommodate to my boyfriends. Which means I now work overnights and get collectively maybe 2hrs of sleep daily. I run off of 5 hrs energy drinks.

Oh, and I've gained so much weight that I can't even see my puss anymore. Awesome, right? Lmfao and the gym membership that I pay for? can't use it. Because, you know, fuck me and lifes bullshit.

So, my fellow gaggers, some helpful tips to prevent me from drinking myself into a coma would be fabulous because at this point, it's looking mighty intriguing. Thanks in advance.
What are the easiest coping techniques to keep me from drinking?
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