Was my friend's biological mother so cold and mean?

Even though he's been raised by loving parents (he refers them to mom and dad), he always wanted to meet his biological mother.

His father passed many years ago in an accident. When he finally got to meet his biological mother back in 2018, the woman was cold and detached. She gave him away because she didn't want to deal with a baby, doesn't like babies, wanted to continue going to parties and dating more men. She liked living the wild, crazy life. She gave him a $100 pity money and ended with an ''at least I didn't abort you, I could have easily done that, take your money and leave me alone, bye''.
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1 mo
Ironically the lady doesn't agree with abortion. She spared him to give other people a chance. She admits she's not maternal at all and can't stand babies.
Was my friend's biological mother so cold and mean?
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