I threw up at a party last weekend?

So last weekend I went to a little party which tbh it wasn't really a party, the thing is i got drunk and fell asleep on the couch with my head tilted back and my mouth open and then when i woke up I ran off to the bathroom to throw up and as i was running to the bathroom i covered my mouth with my hand but still some of the vomit spilled out and fell on a couple of my friends but just a tiny bit. Thank god only like five people saw me and they were all my friends but still i'm super embarrassed about it and next weekend i have a little Halloween party and i really want to go but at the same time i'm super embarrassed to see the few people that saw me when i was asleep with my mouth wide open or when i vomited and i don't know how to react if it comes up which i'm sure it will. Any advice? (and before you say it, I won't drink again that's for sure).
I threw up at a party last weekend?
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