Is it even possible not to lose your mind to living with a woman like this?

I constantly feel like I'm walking on eggshells, or more like landmines. Even a seemingly small thing causes extreme anger, screaming, yelling and raging. Anything that I say or do is twisted and used against me. It’s like multiple people in one body. I never know which version of her I'm going to have to face because she is always changing, one day we're friends, next day she hates me. One day she's so friendly because she wants something, next day I’m wondering what I did to get the silent treatment. One day we know each other personally, next day is as if we're two complete strangers passing by in the store, only we're not in a store, we're inside the house we live in. She is very manipulative and controlling, no matter what the reason or scenario, if there is something she does not approve of, no one has a say in the matter, some of us obey her orders, because if we go against her orders, we suffer the consequences, so I guess we do have a choice either to obey or disobey, I learned from my mistakes, I can not ever cross her again. It's like I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, watching, waiting, and listening to find out what happens next, and all of a sudden, one minute everything is great, next minute everything changes. I can't say what I think or feel, I have to watch what I say to her or to someone who might tell her what I said, because her drastic reactions have a negative effect on me as well as on other people. The things she said to me when others weren't around to hear, as well as the things I heard she said about me behind my back, all of this just makes me feel worse than I already feel on the inside.
Is it even possible not to lose your mind to living with a woman like this?
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