Does my mom sound a little bit immature by these details?

So I am an Atheist and my knows this but she follows an American cult leader (Farrakhan) that calls himself a “true Muslim”. And she always is agreeing on racist stuff he says about people that are non-black.
She has even told me that if I date anyone don’t bring anyone that’s white into her house.

She knows I don’t like Farrakhan at all and the other day she was watching a live video of him and she said Farrakhan sent you the greeting. Which he didn’t because it’s a broadcast and not an interactive streaming session. And she just did that to annoy me. And she was like what are you going to say to him, he sent you the greeting? And to not jump into another argument about it with her I just told her to tell him I gave the greeting back...

My mom knows I don’t like homophobia and she always makes homophobic “jokes” and slurs around me. The other day I was talking to my mom and I was addressing something that came up on TV with a woman hitting a man after he complimented her on this comedy show. I said “it’s sad sometimes how men are sometimes viewed in a bad way even with compliments” and she said “what do you mean, sissy’s?”

And sometimes if someone says a single swear word on a song, radio, movie or TV show she’s like “uhhh what is this” and is ready to change it. So she knows I listen to things with a lot of swearing and I keep my headphones and stuff on but it’s when she listens to things herself and sometimes acts childish about it.

I mean when it comes down to religion and everything else I don’t talk to her about any of it now except when I addressed some of the issues to her in the past and she said she’ll work on being better about it but doesn’t. Because it’s her house I don’t really give my views anymore more to her in things or when she says things that irritates me because I’m trying to be respectful to her in her home until I move out.

What are your thoughts on this, she’s in her late 60s but can’t seem to be really mature about certain things.
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Does my mom sound a little bit immature by these details?
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