Single Mom By Choice - Would you do it?

If you were single and childless by a certain age - would you choose to risk never having children or having them older OR would you choose to have a kid on your own?

It's a question many women in their 30s and 40s have to consider. I'll be 31 soon and I'm on the fence about having a child in general, but I could see me enjoying being a mother. And I think timelines to find love are wide open (though it does get more difficult in some ways), whereas fertility kind of is what it is. And a lot of men my age are terrified of being "rushed into" marriage and kids. So I'm considering, much to my mother's dismay, having a child on my own in a few years. If you have a certain income, it's more ideal than if you live on a modest salary. Thats the biggest factor in my opinion. I would prefer to find a husband, but online dating has been a bust for me, so I'm not really expecting to find anyone serious. Plus I read that relationships that start from online dating have a higher rate of divorce. Yikes.

Gals, would you do it? If so, by what age would be your "lets do this solo" point? Why or Why not?
Single Mom By Choice - Would you do it?
Single Mom By Choice - Would you do it?
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