My best is not good with me?

I am 17 years old boy. I had a crush on one of my friend since about 7 years and she knew that. She told me that she want to be one of mu friend. So she told me that lets be best friends. And tried to make my mind. But it was so hard. Finally i made up. So we became best friends. So we were best friends for about 2 years. And last year she changed her school and we never met again. We just messaged on instagram and nothing more because she had no phone. Now since two weeks she doesn't reply for me. She only read my message and keep quit. Im so confused and i feel so sad. Can someone please help me. What should i do. She doesn't reply for any message. Please help me. Sorry my English is not good. Hope you understand me. Please help me🥺
My best is not good with me?
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