Is this a sign of dementia?

My grandma is 82 and I've noticed she's constantly talking to her self I don't really know what she's says but I often hear her watching the news or any random TV shows and she starts talking. Sometimes I even wonder if there's anyone else in the house lol. Also I've noticed she has the habit of verbalizing everything that she does even if I'm in a different room like as if she's doing it to get some attention e. g. she's sitting for too long suddenly she realizes she doesn't want to stay still anymore and starts saying "I'm going for a walk. I'm going for a walk. I'm going for a walk." she does this at least 3 times a day. Or if she drops something "oh my hands are not the same anymore" "my knees hurt. my back hurts. my neck hurts. my life this. my life that" I mean nobody's there no one is asking for anything then why does she need to verbalize everything? She's also an extremely negative person. She goes to bed much earlier than me and her room is right next to mine and I can hear everything. She whispers every night again I have no clue what she's saying but she does this for soooo freakin long sometimes she talks a bit louder but I still don't understand what she's saying. I never told this to my dad and I wonder if I should saying anything about it.
Is this a sign of dementia?
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