Who Are 00s Kids to You?

My Opinion are Those Born from 1992-2001:
1992: Childhood from 1995-2004
1993: Childhood from 1996-2005
1994: Childhood from 1997-2006
1995: Childhood from 1998-2007
1996: Childhood from 1999-2008
1997: Childhood from 2000-2009
1998: Childhood from 2001-2010
1999: Childhood from 2002-2011
2000: Childhood from 2003-2012
2001: Childhood from 2004-2013
I was born in 2000. And although, according to research, my childhood started at the age of 3, I consider 2004 to be the start of my childhood. And when I reached the age of 12, I felt like my childhood came to an end, since I was a preteen and since I was in middle school. All of our childhood started at different times of the decade. What are your thoughts?
Who Are 00s Kids to You?
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