How do I get her to leave me alone?

I go out with my friend a lot. I love hanging out with her. The only thing is, she ALWAYS takes pictures of me every single time we go out. I said something funny the other day and she had to pull out her phone and record me saying it and posted it on her story. She posts her boyfriend and brother all the time too but she has this one friend who she finds gorgeous ( I don’t think she’s pretty at all ) but she never posts her!

My friend has called me pretty before and stuff like that and I called her out the last time she took a video of me and was like “ you’re always recording me “ and she says nothing! Then she asks me for my approval before posting and I say the pic is cute or something because it normally is and she dosent say anything and posts it. I am very shy and camera shy at that and it’s so annoying because every SINGLE time we go somewhere she has to take a picture of me and post it or a video. How do I tell her she needs to stop doing this so much because it’s annoying?
How do I get her to leave me alone?
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