My brother annoys and creeps me out and I'm not sure why?

I'm 24 & my brother is 22. I'm recently married, have a job & have a house. My brother still live with my parents and he has no job.

He's not a bad person. In fact, I think he's much more kind hearted than me & more outgoing too.

But there are things that make me feel annoyed with him & make me feel totally creeped out by him. It's not like I don't love my brother, but I don’t like having him around me.

Even though he's outgoing, he has no social skills at all. He laughs like a retard at everything anyone says even when it's not funny, he has a stammer that makes one sentence seem 100 years long, & most of what he says makes no sense at all.

He thinks a lot about himself & is not afraid to show it. He often makes sexist jokes & tells them at the most inappropriate times - loudly. He has no tact & would be rude to someone just because that's how he felt.

He's essentially like a little kid trapped in an adult body, although he thinks he's all grown up & can do as he pleases. He doesn't have a girlfriend & never had one before. Whenever there is a movie on & people are kissing or something, he makes a weird scene out of it & acts like a total creep, for example, if the kissing doesn't go further, he'd go "guess what they're doing now." He says it really creepy, like wiggling eyebrows and everything.

My dad feels the same about him, I just know it. My dad often complains about my brother & doesn't really want him in the house anymore. He's loud, obnoxious & has no boundaries - he'd get into fights with my dad when he doesn't get his way. It has even led to physical violence a few times.

My husband got my brother a job at his company for a month & now he has to stay with us, & I truly have no idea how I'll be able to put up with him without getting snappy & angry at him at every turn.

He doesn't really care about his appearance or health, he would go days without showering. He's literally that guy you look at & you automatically feel dirty & gross just looking at him.
My brother annoys and creeps me out and I'm not sure why?
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