Why Don't People Like Me?

Ok, so I was born and raised in the Midwest (Michigan) and my family and I moved to the south (Southern region of the US) when I was a preteen. When we first moved here, it was really hard for us to make friends and for some to respect us! It was like that all through middle and high school. And although it was harder for us back then, it's still hard for us now that we're in college. There are some that we've know for some time and some for a long while, and some of them are nice, but then others treat us like we're aliens or something and I never understood that! Even our cousin is quite the same way! Yes we are different, and I like standing out. We are shy and quiet and polite; our personality is different. Everyone that we know down here are like the same, superficial, not really open minded, reserved, cliquish and a lot of people around my age are getting married and starting families young! So I was wondering is it something that we're doing?
Why Don't People Like Me?
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