Is this mom a terrible person?

Raven is 37 years old. She has two kids. Zaya,
and Zion, 16. Zaya works, cooks, cleans, and recently started college. Zion doesn't cook, clean, help around the house, and he's failing the 10th grade. Raven buys Zion whatever he wants whenever he wants. Zion is spoiled rotten and Zaya never says anything about it. One day, Zion punches Zaya in the face. Zaya screams and tries to get away from him, but Zion grabs her and beats her up. The next day, Zion sprayed hair spray in Zaya's face while she was on the toilet. She begged him to stop but he didn't. Zion pulled her hair, kicked her, and Zaya was never strong enough to fight him off. She just cried. Zaya tried to tell her mother, Raven, but Raven sided with Zion and kicked Zaya out.
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Is this mom a terrible person?
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