Platforms to make friends or meet new people?

I'm quite a talkative person and I really like meeting new people online and making friends. Tho it's hard for me to make actual friends cause I can be picky about people, it's hard to find someone I connect with and the convo just flows. If I don't connect with them, long convos can easily drain my energy and the friendship never lasts.

Usually I make friends on avakin life (quite a boring game, just chat rooms) and before I met people through an app game with clubs quite similar to a chat room too but with some gaming features. But while I meet a lot of cool people, those friendships don't tend to last longer than a year cause people quit the games or the group chats.

I don't rlly make friends on social media platforms like FB, insta, or sc either. It feels weird to randomly add people and talk to them so I never reach out to people on them.

So any platforms or easy relaxing games to meet new people? Or I guess just tips to start reaching out to more people?
Platforms to make friends or meet new people?
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