Was I wrong for this?

My mom I think finally saw my nude wallpaper of a model on my computer today (by the way it was not an explicit nude, you couldn't see anything below the stomach because it was cropped and she did a handbra, so no nipples were showing).

Anyways so today my mom opened my room door and looked at the area at my computer setup where I normally sit at but I was on my bed, and my laptop screen is visible when you open my room door.

So she asked me "do you want any food" and I replied "no thank you"

So about an hour or so later I went downstairs for something and I was asking my mom something and the way she looked at me was kind of like that 'yea whatever kind of shocked/weirded out kind of look'.

So a few hours later I went downstairs again for something else and as I was heading back up I asked her "are you okay" (because she got injured today) and she said,"I'm feeling a whole lot better thank you", then I said "oh it looked like you weren't doing so well or was upset about something".
So then she looked at me with a slight grin and was about to say something but the paused and said "I'm alright". So did I mess up or not? I'm confused, should I change my wallpaper I had or what?
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Was I wrong for this?
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