Am I right to feel awkward and hurt?

My husband and I are friends with this one couple and their son is having birthday on Sunday. Since all this COVID thing is happening they decided to celebrate it in the way that they call family and friends in three cycles. We are invited to come from 3-5 pm.
Am I crazy to think that we've been invited just to bring birthday present, since their other 3 kids had their birthday parties earlier this year and they are forcing it now for the 4th one? I've decided not to come. If it was just kids I would understand the time limit. My child had birthday on October 22nd and I invited everybody I planed and tell them to decide on their own if they will come or not. Those friends came and stayed for 6 hours, left last and we had a great time. Now I really feel hurt.
I asked my friend if he is going to be a Covid Security and send people home if they won't obey the schedule? Now I'm waiting for reply
Am I right to feel awkward and hurt?
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