What are your toughs on child spanking and beatings?

As many of you know my sad childhood story which I will not give so much detail. On top of having a narcissistic mom I was beat everyday with the belt, laptop charger cable. Yeah unfortunately my mom thinks that violence teaches kids a lesson. My mom would not even let me talk or explain she would just grab whatever and I felt scare. Even now a days I am scare at my mom. I wasn't the student who got in trouble with bad grades or giving the teacher a hard time people never complain about me. If my mom asked me a question and if I answer yes or yeah to her she would grab that belt and beat me I always had to say yes ma'am or no ma'am. I made the choice to go to college outside of state just to get away from all the hell I have been threw. Now ny siblings and I try to not have much contact with our mom. I notice on me and my siblings got to the point of hating me mom.
What are your toughs on child spanking and beatings?
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