What did I do wrong?

I’ve organised free drinks and food in clubs for a group of four girlfriends, including myself for the past year, at VIP venues for x4 nites a week for 2 years. I did so, as I’m friendly with promoters (and was new to a city/didn’t know many people). 1. One of the girls stopped messaging me out of the blue after 1.5 years of free clubbing/drinks. I checked in to see she’s alright, and she was disinterested. I told her that I was a bit upset by this, and she said she didn’t care. 2. Another one of the girls told me that she considered me a really good friend, and yet she simultaneously befriended someone that (she knew) had treated me badly for many years. She did so, as I suspect she wants x2 lots of free drinks options. She doesn’t understand why I find this to be concerning, and has told me that I’m being difficult - yet didn’t offer an alternative explanation as to my assumptions. She doesn’t see how her behaviour is Usery and still expects me to continue providing her with free stuff tri weekly. 3. The third person in this situation has seen all of the above unfold, and she said she is indifferent to anyone’s opinion on this, and also still expect me to sort out the free stuff. Just wondering if I’m being unreasonable, as I don’t understand any of it/any of the outcomes?
What did I do wrong?
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