Are my friends stupid? (I tested positive for COVID)?

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Last Saturday I went out to eat with friends. My friend showed up he had a fever, he knew he had a fever yet didn't tell anyone, ended up infecting 3 of us there. I went to get tested today, turned out I'm positive. I'm self isolating.

The problem is two of my friends who were also exposed are refusing to get tested and keep going out to social places. They say they think this whole thing is a sham, stupid, and that they don't need to get tested bc they have no symptoms even though we all who are positive are feeling fine too. They keep going out and no matter how much we all tell them to stop they continue being illogical. I just expected transparency and honesty from them, it's just shocking.

What do you guys think? Are they stupid?
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So my one friend agreed to get tested. The other one still refuses to get tested and he's the super spreader.
Are my friends stupid? (I tested positive for COVID)?
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