Should I be this afraid to go out due to the virus?

Since teh pandemic started in my country, my mom who is an elder person had not gone out cause she is a high risk factor lady and me and my brotehr are trying to keep her away from crowds and if my brotehr and I go out it is just us but not to malls or places where there are many people or public. We only go out to a small piece of land we own that has a small house in a mountain close to where I live that way my mom at least go out and see a different sceneario and not get stuck at home. So the ones running errands and go grocery shopping are my brotehr and me, so we are the onew who have to take care of ourselves when we go out. We do wear our masks and keep distances in public places. Now that most busines are re open people in my country are gradullay socializing more with close friends and clsoe families even if there are ot of the same bubble, but hey if business are re open is natural people will start to go out more and eve gathering with friends who have not seen in person for so so long until now where rstaurants are open and other places, even gyms. I have an older sister who is married but she is very much concern about this virus than me or my brother, she is concern for our mom who is elder.

I am aware of that for sure that we need to take care of our senior mom. My sister pretends me and dmy brother not to go out she acts and tries to inflicts us fear of not going out for our mom and the risk out there of the virus cause we live with our mom and if in any case me or my brotehr are the ones who can carry the virus and infect mom cause we are the ones who go outside. My mom and I had gone out to eat at restauratns with my sister and her husband cause she had invited us to join her, so we go always in their car. But my sister of course make sure the restaurant we go follows hygiene protocols, like separated tables and clientele capacity to a 50% maximum, other wise my sister won't go to the restaurant.
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Also my sister told me 3 weeks ago that do not go to the gym cause im exposing myself to the virus. First of all if business are re opened is because people can go out now not stay stucked at home as long as once outside we can follow hygiene protocols. I told my sister that the classes I go at the gym I dont use or touch machines cause the class is a aerobics group class and also you have to wear facial mask at the gym before the class begins.
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Anotehr thing is that the class I attend only 8 people are allow to do the class for the exact reason of the people distancing from each other and I dont kiss or hug anyone even if they are my friends. Bu tmy sister insist me not going to the gym. My sister do have lot of fear for this virus and advice my brother and I not to do certain things cause we are risking mom, if we go out too often.
Today I gather with just 6 friends after 10 months and we were practically alone in the bar
Should I be this afraid to go out due to the virus?
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