I’ve been treated badly - Really High expectations?

2 years ago, I joined a women’s socialising group.

The organiser organised free drinks, entry and free food at VIP places, for us (3+ three nights a week for 2 years).

I gave back the equivalent, by driving x4 for 10 minutes (to the clubs) - twice.
AND I paid an unexpected table service charge of $8.75 in those 2 years (as the organiser and girls had left the club at that stage - and I was the only one left).
She is the host, so she should have paid.

One of the girls in the group has recently set up a rival group to sabotage the group, as they don't get on.

It’s got nothing to do with me, so I want to hang out with both of them (both groups provide free stuff).

The organiser of the original group has cut me off, as she feels betrayed, and she feels I "haven't contributed anything in 2 years, despite earning six figures etc ". My income is none of her business?
I don’t understand it, as the dispute has nothing to do with me - and I’ve given the stuff that I mentioned above.

I’m also a really lively/fun member of the group, so I feel that that is also reimbursement. I feel victimised in all of this, as I’m caught in the crossfire, and I feel they should apologise to ME.

I’d like to continue on with both socialising groups, any advice?
I’ve been treated badly - Really High expectations?
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