Are you visiting your folks during this pandemic or at least taking them out once in while?

If your parents are senior healthy citizens Im talking about but for their age they are a high risk factor population still.

I mean so they dont get stucked at home and dont be depressed to stay inside the house the whole time so at least they can breath some fresh air taking all their precautions of course but only with their social family bubble or you have not visited yet since the pandemic started in your respectives countries?

When you visit them in their houses do you also wear your facial masks inside the house or not?

I have a married sister who just from time to time invites mom to go eat outisde like in a restaurant but my sister makes sure the restaurant she goes to, only operates 50% of capacity, tables are distant from the other one, otherwise my sister leaves the restaurant and goes to another one. My mom thank God is healthy, but she is senior citizen and still my sister do nto want to expose her the reason, my sister prefers my mom does not even leave home not even to take a small local short ride, now that it is more possible to do it so casue some businness are re opening.

My sister is becoming a little freaksih with this virus, she does not even like when my brother and I (who live with our mom) go out to run errands cause we are too exposed to people and then we can bring home the virus to mom who we do not even know, even if my brother and I wear masks and do our distancing from other people and wash our hands. My mom birthday is the end of November so I was telling my sister to take mom for a local trip to visit some animal adventure park 5 hours from home like a gift. A park my mom had always wanted to visit for many years but it has not been done for one or other reason, it is like a local safari ride.

At first my sister told me yes but then she thought of the pandemic and yesterday told me we better not expose mom cause since it it is a safari ride, there will be other people outside our
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family, strangers and it is dangerous and risky to expose mom. I mean the park had taken care of all the hygiene protocols of course otherwise the park would had not been allowd to operate after re-opening, still my sister does nto want to take a chance and told me No, and sorry mom but maybe next year or who knows when. Then I was planning to go to another palce to stay overnight like a nice small hotel with nature surruounding us it be a different thing to do, just my sister, her husband,
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my mom, me and excluding my brother here cause he does not have money to stay a nite in a hotel and my sister won't lend him money or invite him $$ but my sister again said no, too much hassle to stay over. So now my sister suggested we just go out and take mom to have lunch in a restaurant one day and that is all. I thought of the trips cause it be a different thing to do for a change with the family together.
Are you visiting your folks during this pandemic or at least taking them out once in while?
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