Why do my family members try to “tell my parents” on me?

I’m 27 years old and leading a decent life. I have a good job, I’m independent, no kids, and I’ve never gotten into any trouble. Members of my family however, have this highly irritating habit of telling my parents about every little thing I do that some how offends or upsets them:

-I took a trip to ATL that I’d planned prior to the pandemic (I couldn’t get my money back) and my cousin told my parents that I was in ATL and my parents flipped out on me and didn’t talk to me for a month
-I made a joke on social media about being the black sheep of my family and my aunt got offended and told my dad who got offended as well and confronted me
-My cousin asked me how much a designer bag that I had costed and I told her that I’d rather not disclose that information (it’s tacky to ask and they’ve always criticized me for my taste in what they consider higher end things) and she told my dad on me
-My family complained to my mother that I don’t come around very often and that I’m snobby (which has to do with the fact that I don’t have time for nonsense and drama)
-My other aunt told her daughter that she couldn’t sleep at my grandmother’s house and I asked her (out of curiosity) why couldn’t her daughter sleep there. She got offended and told my dad, who said that I was thoughtless and had no filter

Why are they tattle telling on an adult to their parents (over extraordinarily petty things)?
Why do my family members try to “tell my parents” on me?
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