Is do you agree with my father's phrase?

His stance is always this phrase''whoever loves you (me) then loves me''. While it's sweet, he once treated a boyfriend horrible.

In the end even though we didn't end up together with kids (I broke up because it was me that wasn't feeling it anymore while he still was in love), my father realized his mistake but it was too late. Even though he was willing to accept him as part of the family, the guy didn't like my father too much. I think you have a right to not like someone that was hostile towards you for over 2 years and it cost you endless hardwork to get accepted.

That stance shows a fallacy there. He loved me but didn't like nor trust (much less love) my father. And he definitely didn't see my father as his family. Just because your parents finally accept and likes your partner doesn't mean has to feel the same way, esp if they got treated poorly for an extended period of time.
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Is do you agree with my father's phrase?
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