What do you think of "brutally" honest people? Can you be with them?

The reason why i put a quotation mark in there is because i CAN be brutally honest whether you like it or not. I don't like sugar coating and joking about something but the way i do it is for motivational purpose and with care specially if it's someone i cared about. But of course only if anyone asked for it. If you still think i'm being rude then that's not my problem. Can't blame me if truth hurts. But on the bright side truth is not always unpleasant. Sometimes if the truth is just so pleasant, you'll think it's a lie.

Being brutally honest with someone, and having someone else be brutally honest with you, is what encourages you to improve and grow yourself. ... Brutal honesty, then, is neither a “good” or “bad” thing—it is simply a process in itself. It is “the way,” the path that allows for the most growth. (Copy/pasted from huffpost)

Honesty is almost always the best policy! You can be brutally honest around people you consider close or those who you care about, even though you think it hurts. But by being brutally honest sometimes you're taken as rude. ... However you should not go out of your way and hurt someone/ be mean in the name of 'Honesty'. (copy pasted from quora)

And that last sentence means otherwise, that's just going be a straight up rude person. There still a difference between being mean and answering someone correspondingly.
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And lastly, yes i'm aware i can be rude if i really have to. But for an eye for an eye situation.
What do you think of "brutally" honest people? Can you be with them?
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