Should I Apologise?

I had a best friend of 4/5 years and we were extremely close. We had a fight about a year ago and I was quite rude to her. I said some things I’m not proud of - like swearing at her and telling her she was a problem etc.

We didn’t talk for a few weeks and then she deleted me on social media. Our friends all stopped talking to her and took my side, even though she reached out.

i felt bad at the time but listened to my then boyfriend who convinced me she was never my friend, solely because she deleted me.

Within the past year, I’ve been through some tough things and started to understand where she was coming from. I’m trying to clean my slate and I feel very guilty about how our friendship ended.

Sometimes I think about texting her an apology. I really miss her all the time. Do you think she’d forgive me? Should I apologise? I also tell myself that if she doesn’t forgive me, at least I’ll let go of my guilt.
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Thanks guys!! I apologised and she called me right away and we made up!!!
Should I Apologise?
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