Am I a monster to hate my sister?

My sister is pregnant. Before her pregnancy I ignored her gently. But since she is pregnant she is a monster. She forbid me to be the godmother because I am a bad influence because I want to work in the art industry. It's not the first time she is a b**ch to me. When I finally said to my family that I got raped she shouted at me "Great job! You ruined my holiday and the announcement of my engagement thank you bit*h" (she told us that she was engaged six months before), after the holiday she went to see her friends and our family and told them "Hey! Guess what! She got raped lol!" (yes she laughed each time). When I lost my cat who was my best friend she gave me a picture of him and when I opened the package she yelled "look she's gonna cry haha". Two Christmas ago I gave her and her husband a trip to Italy after 3 months of babysitting and saving and she said "thanks, I guess... But I don't like Italy and I want to loose weight idiot"
There is so many exemples... So am I a monster just to wish to never speak to her EVER AGAIN?
Am I a monster to hate my sister?
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