What should I tackle first in my list of depression?

I feel depressed right now for these reasons:

    • Small flu. No sore throat but sore stomach, achy body, congested nose and sneezing a lot.
    • Slight Ingrown toenail bothering me a little.
    • Huge class assignment. I put off until yesterday.
    • 30 year old virgin.
    • Living with parents (temporarily).
    • No job. Career taking a long time to get stable.
    • Big crush on Anya-Taylor Joy from just watching “Queen’s Gambit”.
Anya Taylor-Joy from “the Queen’s Gambit”
Anya Taylor-Joy from “the Queen’s Gambit”
  • Wondering what I have been doing with my life the past ten years.
  • Wondering if Anya could ever fall in love with me. Wondering if I could ever be good enough for Anya.
Deal with Ingrown toenail first
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Deal with Homework first
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Move out first
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Find a job first
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Rethink entire career path and stop trying the same things over and over
Vote E
Get laid already, find a girlfriend and screw everything else
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7 d
Thank you everyone for your advice it changes me opinion about the average GaG person. I used a nail file on my nail and it seems to help a bit. Feeling better than I did yesterday thanks everyone.
4 d
Aw man I’m crushing on Anya so soooo much plus being isolated this year and the winter gray of Seattle are all hitting me hard to feel extra emotional haha. Just need to let this crunch run its course and then get back to my serious life.
What should I tackle first in my list of depression?
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