Im in a dilema about the Covid virus and the upcoming holidays gatherings, What do you think?

And are you feeling the same iwith your love ones?

I have a married sister who lives in her house. I live with my mom, my brother. My mom is a seniro citzen but so far she is in somewhat good health. The only high risk factor for my mom and the virus is the age. Since this virus started in my country in March, of course there had been deaths, , people infected, people in ICU now and the hospitals are starting to crowded with hospitalizations and patients in ICU starting to rise. Also where I live business are re-opened again cause economy needs to lift progressively and people need to earn money to get food to their homes. Most business where I live has to follow all hygiene protocols for the customers: having sanitzing in the stores, customers keeping distancing from each other, only are able to operate with 50% of customers, precisely to prevent crowds in their places and all customers have to wear mask, even restaurants has to work that way now, the new normalcy everywhere.

My mom has not been going out like to crowded places of course to prevent her getting infected for her age, she had been at home, most of the time and if she goes out is with my brother and myself to distract her a little but she always stays in the car. The ones running home errands and so stuff in stores, markets etc is my brother and myself. Of course we both follow the protocols, we wear masks when going outside, we carry our own sanitzing , we try to keep distance when whe go out to business like stores or open public places like in malls. Sme believe this virus is fake and not real and othres believe is a real thing. I do believe is real, because the speed this virus infect others is different than with a regular common cold or flu, is different.

My mom, my brother and myself were invited by our cousin to go over his house for Christmas eve , but in his house there will be 11 or 12 people, including us (not a lot). His house is small in order to keep like 2 mts apart from each other.
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Two weeks ago my mom and myself were together with these same cousins for some days during a local trip, so we were togehter, even if we broke family bubbles but that happened 3 weeks ago. Also I gathered with some 6 friends 1 week. ago at a empty bar., so far in my house we are fine. of course that is not an excuse that we won't catch the virus any other time aat another place.

My married sister does not want my mom my brother and myself to go over my cousins house cuse the house is small
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and only the main front door to give the house some ventilation and there wotn be the correct social distancing and my sister is concerned more about mom catching the virus because we are breaking family bubbles. IThe reunion will be with the same people as the local trip I took 3 ks ago. SHe is very worried and mad if we go and my sister really has a lot of fear with this virus. My sister say if we go we have to wear masks at all times or to stay over just 2 hrs.
Im in a dilema about the Covid virus and the upcoming holidays gatherings, What do you think?
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