Is my mother mentally ill or is she sane but just truly hates me?

She was raped as a child and teenager. Been in so many different relationships with men that only took advantage of her. Either stole from her and the two long lasting relationships were severe cases of domestic violence. One of the guys broke a glass on her face always leaving her blind, the other tried to break a chair on hair to leave her on a wheelchair she had to pretend to be dead so he would stop beating her.

Me and her always been super close but never had a good relationship. She always seemed to have me in general, she would always compare me to my older sister in private and say I'm just jealous in front of others. Told me to die when i was 10, kicked me out at 15 and has been playing mind games for ages and I seem to keep falling. Whenever she is wrong and she realizes that she will guilt trip me, avoid me, give me the silent treatment and make me believe I was the wrong one. Whenever I buy something for myself she complains I don't help with the house bills when I literally only leave out the rent for her to pay but mind you she says my sister doesn't need to help because she has university to pay and I DO TOO!!! she helps my sister with the tuition money but not me, whatever. I can't have anything new or she'll ask me why didn't I get something for her too. Then on fucking Facebook she will upload photos with me with super romantic motherly love captions making others believe I'm just a "wild child", hard to deal with.

She either destroyed or has it somewhere secret my personal documents. I'm so tired like does she hate me or is she actually ill and I shouldn't take her action to a personal level? She is destroying me day by day and seems to be so happy about it.
Is my mother mentally ill or is she sane but just truly hates me?
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