What do you think of parents that don't excuse their child's behavior?

I'll give you two examples where my mother didn't accept our behaviors:

- I was treating someone poorly in 7th grade. Since it was just 2 days prior to my b-day I didn't think mom would go through it. She spoke to the girl's mother, canceled my b-day party (grounding me that day), took away my cell and made me participate on programs for those having special needs. What affected me the most was cancelling my b-day. I was excited about turning 13, becoming a teen for the first time. She knew where it hurt me the most... anything but my b-day.

- My older brother was cheating on his girlfriend and mom didn't like that at all. She thought it was unfair. He kept insisting for mom to cover up for him if she calls, excusing that he's working double shift. She refused and said to either tell her himself or she will say it. He ended up telling him and she broke up immediately. They haven't spoken to each other since.

That's how my mom is. If someone is 100% in the wrong, it doesn't matter if it's us. She will say what it is and not cover up for you nor excuse the bad behavior. What do you think of parents like her?
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If I mess up, she will tell me so and say along the lines ''do the right thing next time''.
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Her stance was that she didn't want to raise spoiled kids that do bad to others. In her view, wrong is wrong no matter who does the offense.
If I were to steal something, she would make me go back to the store and pay it or turn me in.
What do you think of parents that don't excuse their child's behavior?
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