Why I deserved to get dumped for this?

We've been dating for around 6 months and at some point, he introduced to his other family. It turns out one of his cousins is the same girl my friends and I mistreated long ago. Though that was HS and I've grown since that.

I greeted her as if meeting her for the first time. That was my way of starting over. I wanted to bury the past. I wasn't a kind person in HS. It didn't work. She still wanted to catch me in private several times and I would avoid it. In the end, she ended up telling everything and I got dumped. He said it wasn't about what happened in HS but the lie, pretending not to know her and not owning up to it if I felt bad.

Still... isn't that too much? I wanted to start all over and she just couldn't let it go. HS was 9 years ago already. Did I deserve getting dumped for stupid HS thing?
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28 d
I was simple wanted to make that part of my past a non-existing subject that's not to ever get mentioned.
Why I deserved to get dumped for this?
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