Why would these parents hide their daughter’s death?

A year ago, one my close friends died. She was studying in Spain so we didn’t talk as frequently as we did. She was also my neighbor, so we technically grew up together.

When my friend passed away, the parents said she died of this heart condition she’s always had, and that she passed away in her sleep. It was actually incredibly sad to hear this and I grieved for months.

When they came back from Spain, they had her cremated because it was too pricey for them to travel with her body and bury her here properly. They held the funeral like any person would.

But the one thing that weirded me out is that they deleted her social media accounts very quickly right after she died. And nobody posted anything about her death, not even an anniversary of her death a few months ago. Nothing.

I know this is probably completely normal and I shouldn’t even question this because they don’t owe me anything and they obviously don’t owe anyone any explanations. It’s just strange. I’ve never seen a family want to get rid of her social media profiles so quickly.
Why would these parents hide their daughter’s death?
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