Crazy mom too controlling?

Okay so I am kinda getting fed up at this point with my mom. I am 29 years old and I feel like my mom treats like a kid and wants to control me. About 8 months ago I started dating this new guy. I was kinda nervous to tell my mom because I already know how she is going to act. Putting bad thoughts in my head about him and etc; so recently I finally told her I have a boyfrien

So when I told her about the guy, she seemed okay. Then a few days later I tell her we’re going out of town. Then of course that entire weekend we were out of town she was blowing up my phone how I’m stupid for going out of town with him and I need to be helping her out financially and blah blah! (She is on the verge of loosing her job because she filed a workers comp case that got declined and etc) It just puts me in a bad mood reading those messages then this past couple days he spent the night at my place and then she kept acting very controlling, saying, send pictures of him, and she was driving by my apartment and saw my car wasn’t there, and started saying, “OMG don’t tell me you went to pick him up” he is homeless” and all this negative stuff.. and earlier that day my card got hacked, and she said, “ he probably hacked your card” I’m like :( ..
she has never personally met my boyfriend yet and I told her nothing about him.. yet she is assuming things.. and she did the same thing in my last relationship.. so today she started arguing again with me and not my older sis and younger bro.. about how she needs help paying her rent and I’m just saving my money to go on trips with my boyfriend! It made me mad because it’s my money I’m working for! Not hers.. I always been close to my mom.. and always love her.. but this getting crazy and I’m always stressed.. I feel she is controlling my life.. and I’m sensitive person so I do take things to heart and stress easily :(

what would you do? what would you do?
Crazy mom too controlling?
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