I'm the black sheep of my family and they tell me everyday?

Im a half American half korean living in Korea and I have 2 older sister's and 3 older brothers and a younger twin brother. 2 of my older brothers are training to be in the kpop industry. My oldest brother and sister are at a very successful point in their careers, and my twin is very academically great in school. All my siblings are pretty and handsome and that's a big deal because of the beauty standards in Korea. I on the other hand am the black sheep of the family... I did get lighter coloured eyes but I have a never ending pimply face and i am chubby. All my siblings say that I was switched at the hospital at birth. They give me there leftovers and expect me to eat them while they make pig noises, or they come in my room to brag about their accomplishments or their "pretty" face and then say at the end " oh, wait, you can't relate can you".

The only nice sibling I have is my step oldest brother and he calls me beautiful everyday but when he says it in front of my family most of them snicker or my mum would have the nerve to say "don't give her false hope"...
I hate my life everyday and everyday my family seem to know that and make me feel worse.
It got to the point where I thought if I killed myself would they regret their taunts and words... but then I would never know, I did say this to my twin brother who I'm closest to in the family, and he said that "no we wouldn't care cause then we wouldn't have to hide you from our relatives". I know of course he was joking and maybe they all were but that doesn't change the way their words make me feel.
I love painting and could say I'm okay at it but my family disapproves and say even if I did get famous with them once people see a picture of me they'd faint In a second.

I'm sick of it all so very much... please anyone tell me what I can say to all of them that would make them realize what they're saying hurts me so much... please give me a speech I could say to them that would guilt struck them... please just help me
I'm the black sheep of my family and they tell me everyday?
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