Am I irregular?

My family is French Canadian; my mother was born and raised in Montreal Canada, is bilingual and is an American citizen. My aunt is also Francophone from Montreal and still lives there. My father is from the US Midwest and is of French descent, and is fluent in French. My parents met in New England where I and my younger brother were born and raised.

Anyway, I don't (and really can't) take my French/Quebec roots seriously. I refuse to speak a word of French (I think it's silly and sounds effeminate and like a mouthful of food), English is the language of North America. I'm conservative, but the whole rest of my family is not. I have begrudgingly gone along to visit my aunt in Montreal from the US a few times; that city is gross, and French Canada thinks it's something it's not. I even got blunt and told my parents in Montreal about the Quebecois (and their Haitian and minority friends) out loud "I don't like these FUCKING people." They tell me the women in Quebec are "very pretty." You call four-eyed lardasses with tattoos, short purple hair and reeking of tobacco attractive?

The point is, I don't like being of French/French Canadian descent, or having ties to a country like Canada, or even being American. I don't even like anybody in America or Canada. Screw North America, I honestly wish I was a Brit. They are cool people living in a cool country. Or an Aussie they are great too. Speaking of which, my family listens to country music, Canadian music, American music, God knows what... my playlist however is British rock like AC/DC and Def Leppard and Pink Floyd.

So am I irregular? Should I run away and jump on a ship/plane to England, after Covid maybe?
Am I irregular?
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