Am I wrong for telling the truth about how I feel?


Recently, My mother and I went to a trip somewhere for her to release stress from her business. I accompanied her and I think we were having fun. My relationship with my mother was abit confusing (at least to me) as I am not very keen to her. Mostly I just go along with it. Sometimes I can't stand being by her side, as she will give advice about the things that I should do for my own good. I know she wants the best for me (at least I felt that way).

However, there is this one moment where I felt a mix of 'quite something' emotion. I felt bad about myself, low, overwhelmed, trapped, and any other emotions that belong with the same category at the same time my mom is talking about the same thing. I was also tired and exhausted at that time. I burst out into tears of all the things I was not satisfied with her, that i buried for a long time and talked non-stop without any second guess. She was surprises, and also terrified of course, because of my sudden outburst. I am not usually like that, so me being suddenly over dramatic and super emotional was a shock to her. After that incident, I went home and kind of regret, and at the same time felt relief. I felt like a huge burden has lift up from my shoulder and chest.

My question is, should I apologised to her? I still meant what I said. I want ber to know what i feel, although it hurts her to hear the truth. And Although maybe in her eyes, I looked like a crazy, irrational person that doesn't know what am I talking about, who just being over dramatic haha
Am I wrong for telling the truth about how I feel?
Am I wrong for telling the truth about how I feel?
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