AITA for judging how his friends parents their kids?

Now I want to begin by pointing out that I've never actually said anything to my boyfriend's friends about how they parent their children. This is strictly based on how I feel.

My boyfriend has multiple friends that I feel like are dropping the ball when it comes to their kids. He's playing Xbox with one RIGHT NOW, this PARTICULAR friend quit his job a few months back because "it was just too much" *he worked PART TIME at walmart.* well I was sitting next to my boyfriend, and suddenly heard children's just general commotion from his headset. Not really crying but they were yelling and squealing and whatever because these children are 2 years and then also a 2 month old infant. It's now 11 pm at night, his friend is playing Xbox ignoring the children, his wife works the night shift somewhere (not sure where I've never met her), yet despite the fact that this man has no job and nothing to do all day, for SOME REASON his 2 children are up at 11 pm at night.

I've heard this same friend cuss out these babies through my Boyfriend's headset before. Calling them "little Assholes" and so on and so forth if they get in the way of the TV while he's playing Xbox.
I told my boyfriend that it's extremely lazy parenting bordering on neglect, and that his friend's wife deserves so much better and that if she had any brain at all she'd leave him.
My boyfriend got all mad at me and was all "well you don't know the situation" to which I questioned when it would be appropriate to let a 2 year old and an infant be up at 11 O-Clock at night calling them bad names, and he didn't have a comeback for that but said I shouldn't judge people since me and him don't have kids ourselves
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AITA for judging how his friends parents their kids?
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