Can a drug addict be a good mother?

My boyfriend’s mom was a drug addict. Throughout his life she would do heroine, crack, etc. He says she was a “good mom.” He believes his family is “cool.” Yet, both of his parents were abusive. They allowed their kids to underage drink (even before 18). They would even have their teens with them and smoke weed together. She wasn’t watching him one morning and had alcohol in a soda bottle, so my boyfriend got wasted at 4. The list goes on. All of this to say, do you think a drug addict can be a good parent despite using drugs? He used the excuse she wasn’t ready for kids, but she was a good parent. I think he’s blinding himself to the truth of the situation. His entire family still tries to pressure him into making bad decisions with drugs, alcohol, and money.
Can a drug addict be a good mother?
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